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There are three fundamental ways to grow your business revenue...
Attract New Customers

     The key function of your lead generation system is to find and attract customers who


(1) are interested in what you have to offer, (2) stand to benefit from using it right now,

(3) are able and motivated to buy now.


     Your system needs to allow you to easily find and communicate exclusively with such people, sparing you the time, expense and frustration of selling to unqualified leads. 


Retain Existing Customers

     You paid enough to get them in the door. Your marketing needs to help you keep them coming. Many business owners believe being ahead of the curve and increasing a company's bottom line requires new buyers coming in at break-neck pace. That helps, but it's not as helpful as retaining existing customers.


     Studies have shown that for every 5% many businesses can increase retention, profitability may increase 25% to 125%.  


Increase Customer Value

     After you've put attracting ideal buyers on autopilot, and after you've plugged any holes in your customer retention system—your next step is modifying your value proposition to get customers to pay more than they do now, and to feel good about doing so.


    If your knee-jerk reaction is to say "But my customers won't pay more!" you're probably wrong. But if you're right, it's time to revert to Step 1 and find the customers who will!


Each of these depends on your application of 3 marketing fundamentals...
Understanding the Market


     Today, far too much attention is devoted to attempting to influence people without adequately understanding them.


     Without specific, detailed knowledge of competitors, comparables and prospective buyers—including what makes each kind of person tick and exactly why they might buy from you—you'll sink vast sums of money into fruitless communication with them.


Crafting Influential Messages

     In developing the message you'll use on your carefully-culled lists of prospective buyers, we'll take into account everything we learned about their needs, desires, behaviorwe'll dig deep into competitors' offers; and we'll develop the "Unique Selling Proposition" that can set you apart in a "category of one" in buyers' minds.


     This "USP" must be re-enforced constantly by your ongoing communications systems.

Making Effective Use of Media

     The emergence of new media, and the sadly misaligned interests of  ad and PR agencies and their customers, has led small business owners everywhere to think about marketing primarily in terms of which media they're going to use. Many believe good marketing begins with a proper media choice. This is false. 


     The choice of a media is vitalbut last. It depends on your market and message.


If you'd like to improve your marketing efforts, here's how:
Step 1: Give Me a Call

     If you'd like to discover whether I'm the right person to help you grow your business, let's schedule a 15-30 minute introductory call.


     Just follow the button below and you'll go to a scheduling system that will allow you to choose a time that works well for you. Then I'll email to confirm the date and time of the call. 


     Whether we decide to work together or not, I will provide many practical insights and ready-to-implement ideas for you during the call.


    If after our brief call it does make sense to go forward together, we'll schedule a time to meet in person at my office or yours.


     There, we'll have a one-day full Diagnostic Interview and Consulting Day, from which you will walk away with a complete list of step-by-step strategies and tactics to put you on the fast track to meeting your goalsplus tons of information resources to help you along.


     Of course, during the day we may identify further ways in which I can help you implement the strategies I'll teach youbut you will have everything necessary to do so on your own.

​     So what's there to wait for? Let's talk!

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